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Life is all about a balance of mental health and fitness. CJ uses this state of mind when competing in figure competitions and when enjoying life and laughter with her husband, 2 step kids and a fur baby "Gus"! With a consistent positive metal fortitude CJ inspires and lifts her Spinn classes to levels they would not get to on their own. One of her favourite quotes... "she's no Barbie, she's Wonder Women with a sailors mouth."

Certifications: Inner Fit Studio, Indoor Cycling Certificate, Oranj Fitness- Indoor Cycling Certificate, World Gym Athletics Certified.


Growing up in a small ski town of Rossland is where Maggie developed her passion for nature, fitness and healthy living. A long with her competitive gymnastics she enjoys skiing and hiking with her family made up of her husband, son and golden doodle. Maggie's passion for fitness brought her to the world of Yoga and Barre. She found the deeply relaxing practise of Yoga was exactly what she needed to create balance in her busy life. She also found the precision of Barre movements and mind-body connection a great compliment to her Yoga practise and brought back elements from her gymnastics background.

Certifications: IBBFA Level 1 Certified, Barre Intensity Certified, B.Sc.Pharm.


I am a Canfitpro (FIS) Certified Group Fitness Instructor and firm believer in hard work and results.  My passion for health and fitness come first and I consider the gym my second home.  I see Group Fitness as an opportunity, for athletes at all levels, to excel, learn, and have fun while participating in a safe environment. As an advocate for urban cycling, I enjoy the out of doors, and life on two wheels.

Certifications: MOSSA Group Power, Group Ride, and R30.  ICG MYRIDE + LIVE COACHING.  Cyclefit Certification.  Boot Camp – Level 1.  World Gym Athletics, WGA One Barbell Certification, WGA Row-IT.  Insanity.

Paul Bloomberg

A relentless sense of humour and a love for the outdoors brings Tanya's fitness outside as much as possible by hiking with her dog, snowboarding, cross country skiing, camping and biking. Her passion for education fosters her desire to share fitness knowledge in a way that lights a spark in her clients. Tanya says working with seniors is one of the best things she has ever decided to do. "I workout to keep my body ready for everyday life, so just keep moving!" 

Certifications: Mossa, Power and World Gym Athletics Certified, Diploma-Physical Rehabilitation Assistant, Bachelor Degree of Health & Science Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Tanya Z

If you can’t find Jenn instructing she is a proud and busy mom always on the run with her young family. It’s a good thing she has a love for matcha lattes, burpees, tuck jumps and running half marathons to keep up with her “littles.” Jenn is determined to motivate. Educate and take you places in class where you would never go on your own mentally and physically, while making you feel successful, wanting more and getting results.

Certifications: BCRPA Group Exercise Speciality Leader, 300 hour Kripalu and Holistic Health. YTT/RYT Yoga certified, Schwinn Spin/Cycling Certified. MOSSA Group Power, Ride, R30, Core  Certified. Insanity and P90X Certified. High Fitness Certified. World Gym Athletics  Certified.

Jen O

I have been involved in fitness all my life.  I have participated in many fitness classes over the years and in 2018 I was encouraged by two instructor/friends at Fitness West to take the group power training.  I took the course and have been teaching eversince.  I keep active, hike, dog parks with Hazel and play hockey in the winter.  I also try to attend as many classes with other instructors that I can.  The gym and fitness is a must in my everyday life. 

Certifications: Group Power Certification

Tanya Scmidt

Christopher was certified as a Yoga Teacher through Three Winds Academy, which focused on a synthesis of different yogic lineages and a well-rounded array of practices. He also holds a Diploma of Eastern Therapies and Bodywork, as well as Certificates in Yoga Therapy, Traditional Thai Massage and Ayurvedic Massage through Pacific Rim College. He has been actively teaching yoga and practicing bodywork for over 10 years. His experience in bodywork gives him a strong understanding of body mechanics which influences his teaching. A traditional Hatha style is at the heart of how he teaches, but he also integrates elements of Vinyasa, a dash of Yin and a blend of other styles to aid in the general flow and intentionality of his classes. 


Christopher was first drawn to yoga as a methodology towards self-healing via an interest in Eastern Philosophy and Mind-Body exploration. While yoga is an incredible discipline for gaining greater flexibility, agility, strength and balance physiologically, he also views these correlatively with having a more flexible, agile, strong and balanced mind. He sees yoga as an integral part of physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 


In addition to teaching yoga he is self-employed in the Healing Arts of Traditional Massage and facilitates Float Therapy out of Tidal Elements. He also has a deep love of nature, self-education, writing, music and art. 

Certifications: YTT, Dip ETB, CYT, CTTM, CAMT

Cristopher Wallace

Being healthy, active and happy are words Jen lives by in both her personal and professional life. Weather she is carving up the mountain snowboarding with her husband and 2 kids, taking care of her 5 acres, helping to push clients to their maximum potential as Head Coach of World Gym Athletics or prepping to compete for a competitive figure competition. She strives to live by this quote. “Never give up something you can’t live a day without.”

Certifications: BCRPA Certified, First Aid, Mossa Group Fitness Certified, WGA Certified.

Jen A

Stacy's love for lifting gave her a great start in the world of bodybuilding competition. Moving quickly from bikini to figure, she learned quickly what the body is capable of with proper mindset. Stacy is passionate about her family and loves to be active, whether its snowboarding and hockey during the winter, and hiking and wake surfing in the summer. Functional training is her passion. She loves how mobility and strength training can improve  so many areas of life. No matter where you're at today, it's never too late to start!

Certifications: Wga

Stacy Rafferty

Namasta...... Meditation and movement have helped transform Hasia’s life, which is why she is so passionate about creating space to support others to do the same. Her greatest loves in life are family, being in nature, music and exploring holistic ways of healing the mind and body. Being positive and uplifting others feels good. She believes it’s what life is all about. Fitness West is very fortunate to have Hasia on our team.  You are in very meditative and skilled hands with her as your Yogi.

Certifications: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.


Desmarais is a dedicated movement enthusiast and Certified Barre Instructor. Since childhood, Chantal has been expressing herself through movement and her passion developed into a love of teaching and encouraging others.  Her journey started with big dreams of becoming a dancer and after many years of rigorous training she began to feel the need for a more restorative modality. After discovering Barre fitness, Chantal became hooked on the diversity and functionality of the various movements and continues to educate herself on new training methods.

Therapeutic Movement, Barre Above, High Fitness.


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